Join Doctor Luchins in Mexico for Thanksgiving Weekend

Doctor David Luchins will be at Medrash Or Haadat (Fuente del sol 18, tecamachalco edo. de Mexico, 53950) starting Thursday, where he will be giving multiple addresses:

Thursday, 12/22 7 pm - "Timeless Tradition in a Turbulent World" .
(Note: This event requires a reservation)

Thursday, 12/22 9:30 pm - "Continuity and Survival in the Face of Challenges" fundraiser.

Friday Night 12/23 - D'var Torah (Sermon) on the weekly Torah portion.

Saturday 12/24, follwoing services "Kiddush Hashem: Stories From Washington".

Saturday Afternoon - "Iran, Israel and the United States".

Saturday Night Melave Malka - “Where are We at? Where are we Going?”