Available Topics

Dr. Luchins is available to speak for your organization on a multitude of topics, including:

  • Elections 2012.
  • Israel and Iran: Whose Side is Obama on?
  • Are the United States and Israel on a Collision Course?
  • Are we still one? Jewish Pluralism in a Polarized Age.
  • Is the Party over? ¬†American Jewish Political Power Faces New Realities
  • Should American Jews Take Sides in Israeli Politics?
  • The Liberal case for Israel.
  • The United States, Israel and the War Against Terror.
  • The future of Jerusalem.
  • If the United States is Becoming a More Religious Country, Where Does That Leave the Jews?
  • Orthodox Judaism and Secular Studies.
  • The Future of Modern Orthodoxy.
  • Models of Jewish Leadership.
  • Why Do They Hate Us?
  • When Jews Break the Law: ¬†How Should We Respond?
  • Have We Sold Out on Social Justice?
  • Orthodox Judaism and Gay Marriage.
  • An Orthodox Response to the Abortion Debate.

Please note that all speaker’s fees are donated to charity.