David Luchins Scholar-In-Residence At Young Israel of Houston 10/25-26

Dr. David Luchins will be SiR at the Young Israel of Houston Shabbat Parshat Chaye Sarah, 10/25-26.

There will be a dinner Friday night at 7:20 PM. Dr. Luchins will speak on “Kulturekampf: The Battle Over Religion In Israel” at 9:00 PM. Please note that reservations are required for the dinner. Please call 713-729-0719 to reserve. Children 4-10 are $10 each, Adults and children 11+ are $20 each.

Dr. Luchins will also be speaking twice on Shabbat day. First at 11:45 AM on “Shifting Sands: Lessons From the ‘New Middle East’” and again at 5:10 PM, regarding “When Public Policy and Halacha Clash.”

The YI of Houston is located at 7823 Ludington Dr  Houston.

David Luchins at Hebrew Incident of Israel 10/19

David Luchins will be a scholar-in-residence at The Hebrew Institute of Riverdale.

“Kulturkampf: Israel’s Religious Wars”
Shabbat morning after tefillah (approx. 11:00 AM)

“Is the Party over? American Jewish Political Power Faces New Realities”
Shabbat after Mincha – during Seuda Shelishit (approx. 6:15 PM)

“When Public Policy and Halacha Clash – the Orthodox community and Marriage Equality”
Saturday night, 8:30 PM

The Hebrew Institute of Israel is located at 3700 Henry Hudson Parkway in Riverdale, NY.